For a though now, I&rsquove been holding off on publishing about our master bed room simply because of two items: the curtains are also limited so I need to have to sew a strip on the base of just about every 1 and&hellip I didn&rsquot know what to do with the wall higher than the bed. I&rsquom however dragging my ft with the curtains (stitching&rsquos haaaarrrrdddd), but&hellip I worship the new-and-improved wall in excess of the bed. I discovered these incredible vintage map prints and was so happy to hold them up!


I grabbed four maps for the learn bed room: Washington, Providence, Brooklyn, and New York&hellip 4 towns of significance to us! I didn&rsquot want a good frame to get absent from the attractiveness of these maps so&hellip I resolved to acquire&nbspanother stab at floating acrylic frames. On a budget.

Materials FOR FLOATING Frame

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